At the 2009 ClarinetFest in Porto, Portugal, a group of European clarinetists (Arkadiusz Adamski, David Campbell, Heike Fricke, Luigi Magistrelli, Matthias Müller, Pedro Rubio, Eddy Vanoosthuyse and Simone Weber) planted the seed to found the EUROPEAN CLARINET ASSOCIATION and on 5 November 2010 the ECA was founded in the townhall of the city of Kortrijk/Belgium during the “1° International Clarinet Competition Kortrijk” (now “International Clarinet Competition Ghent”). This competition is still an organization of the non profit organization INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PROMOTION ( ), who also organized the European Clarinet Festivals in 2010 (Kortrijk), 2013 and 2015 (Ghent).

The European Clarinet Association works very close together with the INTERNATIONAL CLARINET ASSOCIATION (

IMP brings the festival/congress in a new direction.  Thanks to a very close cooperation with the FONTYS ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS in TILBURG, an Erasmus BIP project (Blended Intensive Program) could be added to the congress.  This will allow between 60 and 100 young clarinetists studying in Europe to attend the congress and make a start of a whole new and international network.

Artistic Director European Clarinet Congress Tilburg

Severine SIERENS
Administrative director European Clarinet Congress Tilburg



Overall objectives of the mobility
Name: Networking in a Global Clarinet Framework

[Language of training: English]

By the end of the programme, learners (clarinet students) will have enriched their knowledge in relation to the different roles of the clarinet in contemporary professional music discourse, they will get acquainted with different musical styles and they will have enlarged their network. The BIP takes place in the context of the European Clarinet Festival, offering learners the global framework, extremely relevant for networking, self-reflection and professionalizing their perspective.

AMPA is the interdisciplinary host of this festival and encourages young clarinetist to take a look at the current scene and beyond! Added value of the mobility (in the context of the modernization and internationalisation strategies of the institutions involved). This project aims to open up more opportunities for learners to take part in Erasmus mobility. The character of the activity is transnational thanks to the participation of people from different cultural backgrounds and thanks to the participation of institutions with different study programs, although all focused on the study of clarinet. In total the BIP will bring together at least 60 students from all over Europe, meeting hundreds of clarinet experts, professionals and amateurs. The transdisciplinary lies in the interaction between groups of students coming from many different institutes in Europe, confronted with world class soloists, an orchestra, military wind band, big band, chamber music ensemble and contemporary ensembles, all highly professional and performing in important venues all over the world.

Networking will be learned through performing, interacting, reflecting, participating in the activities hosted by the European Clarinet Congress.