How it started
At the 2009 ClarinetFest in Porto, Portugal, a group of European clarinetists (Arkadiusz Adamski, David Campbell, Heike Fricke, Luigi Magistrelli, Matthias Müller, Pedro Rubio, Eddy Vanoosthuyse and Simone Weber) planted the seed to found the European Clarinet Association (ECA). On November 5 2010 the ECA was founded in the town hall of the city of Kortrijk/Belgium during the “1° International Clarinet Competition Kortrijk” (now “International Clarinet Competition Ghent”). This competition is still an organization of the non-profit organization International Music Promotion , which also organized the European Clarinet Festivals in 2010 (Kortrijk), 2013 and 2015 (Ghent).

The European Clarinet Association works very close together with the International Clarinet Association .

Eddy Vanoosthuyse – Artistic Director European Clarinet Congress Tilburg
Severine Sierens – Administrative director European Clarinet Congress Tilburg

Fontys Academy of the Arts – Conservatory
This year, the International Music Production brings the festival/congress in a new direction. Thanks to a very close cooperation with the Fontys Academy of the Arts Conservatory in Tilburg, an Erasmus BIP project (Blended Intensive Program) could be added to the congress. This will allow around 100 young clarinettists studying in Europe to attend the congress.

The Blended Intensive Programme
By the end of the programme, the clarinet students will have enriched their knowledge in relation to the different roles of the clarinet in contemporary professional music discourse. They will get acquainted with different musical styles and they will have enlarged their professional network. The BIP takes place in the context of the European Clarinet Festival, offering students a global framework, extremely relevant for networking, self-reflection, and professionalizing their perspective.

The transdisciplinary lies in the interaction between groups of students coming from many different institutes in Europe. Moreover, students will be confronted with world-class soloists, an orchestra, a military wind band, a big band, a chamber music ensemble, and contemporary ensembles. In addition, the congress is the perfect opportunity for these students to connect with the professional work field.

Music and Performing Arts and Master of Music
The Fontys Academy of the Arts – Conservatory is the interdisciplinary host of this festival and encourages young clarinettists to take a look at the current scene and beyond! The conservatory consists of the Bachelor Music and Performing Arts and the Master of Music.

Both the bachelor and master are designed to break traditional barriers and equip students with the skills needed to be musical artists in a rapidly evolving world. They aim to empower them with the ability to collaborate seamlessly with other art forms, pushing boundaries of creativity and expression. By fostering a comprehensive education, their graduates secure prominent positions in the ever-evolving job market. Moreover, their alumni not only pursue careers as musicians in chamber choirs but also venture into teaching, orchestral performances, project management, recording, and beyond.

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