Hildebrand Madeline

Hildebrand Madeline

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(Canadian) pianist Madeline Hildebrand is happiest with her hands full. Praised as “extraordinary” with “an instinctive understanding of beautiful sound” (Jon Kimura Parker), Madeline infuses traditional repertoire with riveting energy and carves at the cutting edge of contemporary, all while juggling audio cables and awe-inspiring chops.

Whether cooperating with a singer or a sine wave, Madeline’s collaborative instincts lead much of her work. She was recently featured on composer T. Patrick Carrabré’s award winning album, 100,000 Lakes (2021) and in the Banff Centre’s 2022 Classical: Evolution artist development program.

Musical highlights include sharing the stage with Philip Glass in a performance of his Etudes (Winnipeg’s New Music Festival 2018), transforming a riverbank into a dazzling interactive light show featuring six pianos (Winnipeg Nuit Blanche 2020) and performing coast to coast in Canada, U.S.A, Italy, Romania, Armenia, and Georgia.

Madeline is completed her doctorate at Stony Brook University (New York) in May 2023, and currently teaches at Brandon University.