Maas Martien

Maas Martien

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Martien Maas (1963, Deurne) is a Dutch pianist, conductor and music educator.

He studied classical piano with Ton Demmers at the ‘Brabants Conservatorium’ and had masterclasses with, among others, György Sebök and Ivo Pogorelich. He obtained his bachelor diploma ‘classical piano’ (1988) and his diploma as a ‘Performing musician’ (1990). Also, he graduated as a ‘Collaborative pianist’ (1992). Moreover, he obtained his diploma ‘Wind band conducting’ (1988) and ‘Music education’ (1987) at the ‘Brabants Conservatorium’ in Tilburg.

Martien Maas is active as a soloist, collaborative pianist and conductor. As a pianist, he performed with, among others, Steven Mead, Peter Damm, Andreas van Zoelen, Claude Delangle and Walter Boeykens. He appeared on radio and television and made several CD recordings. Except in the Netherlands, he also performed in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Spain.

Martien Maas is currently a teacher, collaborative pianist (correpetitor) and ‘International Relations Coordinator’ at the ‘Academy of Music and Performing Arts’ (former ‘Fontys Conservatorium’) in Tilburg. He is also active as a freelance pianist. Besides this, he is currently the principal conductor of 3 Wind band orchestras. With these orchestras, he worked with many artists and made concert tours to China, Czech Rebublic, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Poland.

In November 2017, Martien Maas has received a Royal Award: Knight in the order of Oranje-Nassau.