Merrer Jacques

Merrer Jacques

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Jacques MERRER is a French clarinettist, born in Nantes in 1952.

As a E flat clarinet in the Orchestre National de Lille until 2017, he has visited more than 30 countries (USA, Russia, Japan, Europe, Africa, South America, China, Lebanon, Kazakhstan …) and recorded more 25 CDs. His professional life also makes him teach at the Conservatoire in Arras until 2015 and sign various educational books.

He develops his chamber music activity by creating the Arcade Trio (clarinet-viola-piano) where he performs both in France and abroad (more than 100 concerts) and with which he records several CDs. Noticed by contemporary composers who dedicate him more than 20 very diversified pieces, he enriches the repertoire of his favorite instrument with world creations, from soliloquy for clarinet to concerto accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. Recitals and master classes punctuate its activities (Mexico, Russia, USA).

He is regularly invited by the I.C.A, as representative of the French school (specialty E flat or D clarinet) at the International Congress of the Clarinet (Austin 2010, Los Angeles 2011, Baton Rouge 2014, Madrid 2015, Ostend 2018, Knoxville 2019). He directs a collection at Paris International Music Diffusion (Arpèges IMD), which allows him to embrace the entire repertoire, from the baroque era to the current music. His collection offers, among others, 10 volumes of orchestral ecerpts for E flat or D clarinet (full repertoire), the 6 concerti for clarinet by Molter (including option in Eb) and incessant novelties that reflect his dedication for the clarinet.