Øyvind Gimse

Øyvind Gimse

About this project

Øyvind Gimse is one of Norway’s most renowned musicians by virtue of his work as a cellist, ensemble leader, educator and entrepreneur.

Øyvind has for a period of more than 15 years been the artistic director of the Trondheim soloists and together they have toured large parts of Europe, the USA, South America and Asia.

The collaboration between TrondheimSolistene / Gimse and the record company 2L has resulted in a total of 7 GRAMMY nominations for the ensemble’s five recordings. He has collaborated with Anne-Sophie Mutter for many years and is a regular member of the Ensemble Berlin, A Free Group, consisting of musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic and several other prominent orchestras. In this context, he has also been the professional leader of the project “konstknekt”,  a talent development program that gives very talented students the opportunity to interact with some of the leading musicians in the world.

Øyvind has worked as a solo cellist in the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, the Broadcasting Orchestra and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and has for several periods been artistic director of the “Winter Festival in Bergstaden” which takes place in Røros.

He is currently employed as a professor at the Department of Music at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He plays on a Francesco Goffriller (1735) on loan from the Sparebankstiftelsen / Dextra Musica. For his efforts for Trondheim’s cultural life, he was awarded the Trondheim Municipality’s Culture Prize for 2013.